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Product Detail : Supply of spare parts - piston assembly (part no. f6.701.20.0.00), cylinder linear assembly (part no. f6.382.10.0.00), set of o rings for 6sl9088t engine (part no. f6.566.10.0.00), set of joints for 6sl9088t engine (part no. f6.566.20.0.sp), set of copper washer for 6sl9088t (part no. f6.566.30.0.00), valve seat insert (inlet) 200kva (part no. f6.359.02.0.00), valve seat insert (exhaust) 200kva (part no. f6.359.04.0.00), valve guide (part no. f6., valve collet (pair )(part no. f6., ball screw (part no. f6., valve seal (part no. f6., valve spring (inner) (part no. f6., valve spring (outer) (part no. f6., valve spring cup (part no. f6., inlet valve and exhaust valve pair (250 kva) (part no. f6.359.50.0.00), magnetic pickup 16x1.5 threading (part no. f6.741.07.0.00), water pump assembly (part no. f6., bearing main kir sl90 (part no. m., bearing c/r kir sl90 250kva (part no. b., bearing bush s/e kir sl90 (part no. s., bearing t/w kir sl90 (part no. w., koel care premium genuine oil 210 litres barrel (part no., spin on filter for lubricating oil (part no. 06.436.01.0.00), fuel filter element pre. (, fuel filter element micro (part no., air cleaner element 14" (part no. f6.504.08.0.00), thermostat element (74 deg) - wtil no.dev358 (part no., fuel pipe (7.5, 14x14b, 700 pb) (part no., rofan automotive v-belt (avx 13x1562 length) (part no. f6., rofan automotive v-belt (avx 13x1015 length) (part no. f6., cylinder head bolt(short) (part no. f6., cylinder head bolt(long) (part no. f6., lub. oil supply pipe (crank case to fuel pump) (part no. f6., push rod assembly (part no. f6., tappet (part no. f6., sub assembly of vent pipe (f6., radiator cap 7 psi (sealed) (part no., leak off pipe assembly (part no. f6., belt tensioning unit assembly (part no. f6., teflon oil seal ge (100x75x10) (part no. f6., teflon oil seal fwe (150x120x13.5) (f6., ball bearing (din 625-6306-2rs1) (part no. f6., bend engine side (finish) (part no. f6. , rubber hoses (tgl 13880 40lg) (part no. f6., hose clip (41 mm) for (part no. 50.519.08.000), rubber hose (compressor outlet)- k24 turbo (part no. 4h., worm drive hose clip (70mm) (part no. 50.519.12.000), rubber hose for air cleaner 100x100x80l, hose connection (part no.f6., pipe from thermostat to water tank (part no. f6., hose for thermostat to water tank (part no. f6., lub oil pump assembly (part no. f6., oil spray nozzle assembly (std) (part no. f6., connecting rod assembly (part no. f6.701.40.0.00), kg645 controller unit with 4-20 ma (part no., 12v interface card (part no. 3h.982.32.0.00), poly v-belt 4pk epdm (part no., stop solenoid with issc (part no. 4h., 4-20 ma lube oil pressure sensor gems (part no. dv0.812.11.0.00), koel care genuine coolant premix 26 litres can (, primary element for 6m3 air cleaner (part no. 4h.1198.01.0.00), torbo charger for 4r810 engine tr50-027 (part no. t4., 62.5 kva leroy somer make alternator diode (part no. 4h.1666.11.0.00), hose (21.5 id x 32 od, 50 long) (part no. t4., water pump assembly (4pk poly v pulley 55 pcd) (part no. t4., avr model tavr- 3a s/f kg alternator (part no. f6.814.11.0.00), stop solenoid assembly for 12 vdc (single coil) (part no. 4h., joint for rocker cover (steel reinforced) (part no. t4., charging alternator 35 amp, 12v (part no. t4., cylinder head gasket (1.25mm thick) (part no. f6., plate type lub oil cooler (part no. f6.358.01.0.00), intermediate gear assembly (for oil pump) (part no. f6., cam gear (finish) (part no. f6., centrifuge filter (part no. f6., cyl head assembly (part no. f6.366.10.0.00), pipe complete assembly with clamps (part no. f6.734.10.0.00), air cleaner assembly for 12k22ta engine (part no. kv2.505.20.0.00), turbocharger k27.2-3371 olake 15.21 (part no. f6.889.02.0.00), radiator fan (22 for kirloskar oil engines.
Document Sale To : 16-3-2020 at 13:00 Hrs
Tender Location : Orissa (Odisha) - India
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Tender Closing Date : 16/03/2020 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 17/03/2020 at 14:00 Hrs.
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