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Product Detail : E-auction sale of scrap and machinery tools and equipment, trainer on transistor of all, types of model xpo ct, trainer on linear circuit, voltage controlled oscillator, fire extinguisher, tubuler adjustable hexoframe, nion tester, motorised control valve, float type level indicator, pitote tube, steel furniture chair, dead weight tester with, accessories, float type level indicator, secondary device for temp,, pressure, flow and level, impeller type flowmeter, mercury in glass thermometer, analog multimeter, digital insulation tester, mercury in steel remote indicator, thermometer, dial test indicator with magnetic, stand, plier side cutting insulated 150mm, file flat second cut 300 mm, thermocouple type pyrometer, electric tachometer, dc regulated power supply, v block 15 cm with clamp, flat nose plier, vibrometer sensing element, digital type tachometer, digital frequency indicator, regulated power supply, epabx, solder desolderation, synthesiser, basic fax machine, microwave oven sharp, digi frequency meter, digi answering machine, music system bpl, bpl music system, 56 data voice modem, regulated power supply, microwave oven, cordless telephone, washing machine trainer, eprom programmer, eprom eraser, barcode reader, digital answering m/c, mahindra&mahindra stripped engine, assembly. 4cylinder diesel engine., cts/sp/95-96/r- 2/2196 date-30/03/1996, mahindra diesel engine, 4 stroke petol engine vertical, cylinder, primier padmini brand petrol, engine, drill machine 12mm dia h.p motor, start, swati make 4 stroke diesel engine, statinaory type, mahindra & mahindra diesel engine, steel library cup board, fuel injector pressure tester, growler, dipco diesel engine 2 cylinder, scrap diesel engine, mahindra diesel engine md/2350, connecting rod alignment, fixture, bench vice 10 cm, mahindra&mahindra stripped engine, assembly. 4cylinder diesel engine., cts/sp/95-96/r- 2/2196 date-30/03/1996, sectionized full flaoting axle, gear box (m&m) without clutch, housing, jack hydralic high lift type, bench vice, highrate discharge tester, v block with clamp 7cm, timming lighter, bench vice, odleg caliper, drill machine electric portable, 10mm cap., hack saw frame adjustable 20cm, to 30cm, ameter(1 ma to 500ma dc), ampere meter o to 1amp mc, machine vice of drill mc, hacksaw frame adjustable 20cm, to 30cm, ampere meter o to 5 amp, voltmeter oto 300 volt a.c., ampere meter 1ma to 500ma d.c., ampere meter oto 25 mi, centre punch 10 cm, rf signal generator, colour tv with accessories, vcr trainer, black and white tv camera, vcr (crown make), trainee bench, ahuja microphone model asm-711, ahuja microphone model asm-811, service oscillator af/rf signal generator, v.t.v.m.q.s model sr. no. 7152, cassette tape recorder 80 watt, tv pattern generator (equivi lab company), model no. el 980, signal tracer, transister tester, oscilloscope, audio frequency oscillator, am/fm signal generator sr. no. 384, reflex horn mega 5 watt 8 ohms, frequency meter (induction type) 40/60 ac, horn reflector 21" ahuja (without reflector), driver unit ahuja brand 35 watt 16 ohm, reflex horn mega model - 77 sw - 8 ?, phillips pattern colour generator sr. no., 1046/84, redart lcr bridge sr. no. 2362, vhf sweep generator sr. no. 4058055, pulse generator - 1130, colour tv trainer 20" no cdm - 100 a, 930307, sigma v.c.r trainer v.c.r d.m/100 930502, sigma black & white tv trainer - 20", multimeter (a.v.o meter) 100 ohms, video cassette (15 no.), smps 01, power factor meter 5 a 3-phase 0.5 - 1 - 0.5, voltmeter multi-range 0 -75 - 150 - 300 - 600, volt (m.c), whistone bridge in wooden box (03 no.), whistone bridge dial type direct reading, 100 - 0 - 100, colour tv crown company, photo phone system 16 mm projector sr., no. 4050, cinephone projection screen, retard l.c.r bridge, retard v.t.v.m, power supplier dc regulater, overhead projector with compass box with, bulb, wattmeter 2.5 - 5 a 250 - 500 w sr. no., 43120/83, file flat smooth-250, safety goggales, outside caliper-150mm.
Document Sale To : 16-3-2020 at 17:00 Hrs
Tender Location : Gujarat - India
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Tender EMD : INR 40000
Tender Document Fees : INR 1500
Tender Closing Date : 16/03/2020 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 19/03/2020 at 00:00 Hrs.
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Sub-Industry/Industry : Education And Research Institute - Non-financial Services   
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