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Product Detail : supply of ibr valves, cane cutting knives, machinery spares, pump spares, high flow pump spares, iron steel, steam control valve, industrial gas, tool and tackle, lubricator adn its spares, cation unit complete for dm plant, fabricated globe valve, rotary vacuum filter spares and overhauling, tube plate evaporator, hopper tray, bagacillo blower, electrical goods, lighting materials, electrical materials, instrument materials, building materials, cgi sheets, acc sheets, spare for air compressor, other factory materials, v pulley, ms seed elevator bucket, chain pulley, pin bush coupling, drive shaft, shaft, carrier shaft, ci idler pulley, vacuum pump, ci pump, ss pump, impeller, ss wear plat, body, ci bearing housing, stuffing box, ms flap, rubber stator, steel casing rubber startor, bush stator, bush pin, connecting rod, steel casing rubber stator, pump housing, coupling rod, connecting rod bush, ss universal joint shaft head, shaft, head pin, pin, ms flat, en -8 flat, spring steel flat, ms square, ss round, high carbon steel, en, chain pulley blocm lift with load test certificate, taper spring, steel ball, copper washer, plunger with sleeve with nut, benjo bolt, cam shaft, meachincal lubricator with site glass, reconditioning of o.c filter drum include removal of worn out spares and fitting of new spares and water trial of drum, oc filter, ss perforated screen, zig zig brass locking strip, copper rivets, ss decking plate, brass divisional strip, ss binding strip, ss cup headed screw, ss monarch nozzle, soft lead, bagasse blower fan, ci cover,terminal plates, pvc cooling fan, resistance box, slip ring for ke motors, hrc fuse, copper thimbles, hrc fuse link, kitkat porsline, Bakelite, fuse, panel type cable connection, stay insulator, cable and wire, panel type indicator, digital panel type ammeter, digital ampere meter, voltment, meger type hand driven, analogue, digital energy meter, amp meter, voltmeter ammeter, kw meter, selector switch, energy meter, annunciator window, temp scanner, megger digital insulation resistance test, thruster, oil for thruster, bus bar, brass rod, pedestal type direct amp meter, ct operated ampere meter, moving contact, fix contact, contact bar bakelite, base plate bakelite, moving contact, axillary fix contact, solenoid coil, timer, diodes, copper carbon brush, rod, switch, pt switch, socket, light, tube, choke, starter, tube rod, bulb, holder, igniter, street light, flood light, solenoid valve, digital display indicator counter meter, inductive proximity switch, thermocouple wire, junction box, thermocouple, digital temperature indicator, ibr gauge coil, rpm dial gauge, tachometer, pressure gauge, steam pressure gauge, pressure gauge, temperature gauge, vacuum gauge, tss pressure control gauge, ss nut and ferrule, brass nut and ferrule, paper chart, on off main switch, ms needle valve, gatka, coarse sand, red bricks, interlock tiles, finger valve, gasket cylinder flange, gasket air head, spacers, bushing crank pin, piston air, gasket frame cover, shaft cover, manifold, seal oil, connecting rod, air filter, gasket set, crank shaft, piston ring, v pulley for compressor side, piston rod, ring, metal ring, channel and spring set inlet valve, outlet valve, gasket cylinder, valve inlet complete, port plate, plate seat, lock washer, gasket port plate, o ring stuffing box, packing case, gasket packing case, stuffing box, air filter, connector , plunger, discharge valve, ht bolt, cover stuffing box, ring scrapper, piston ring, inlet channel and spring, outlet valve channel set, port plate frame end, port plate, plate seat, inlet plaet seat, lock washer, gasket port plate, lock washer star, lubricator oil, ht cap screw, air filter, screw flat head, can screw stop plate, piston, rod piston, cover stuffing box, ring scrapper, valve spring, valve plate, discharge valve spring, plate, valve stop plate, inlet and discharge valve, valve seat, piston complete, piston, pin, plate with rivets, plate pilot valve, unloader body gasket, cover gasket, gasket shaft end cover, air head gasket, valve complete pilot.
Tender Location : Punjab - India
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Tender Closing Date : 26/05/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 26/05/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Sub-Industry/Industry : Sugar - Food Products   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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