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Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value Rs. 4.65 Lakh
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 32902260
Closing Date 31 - Dec - 2018  |  424 Days ago View
Operation and Maintenance of Recycle Water Supply ~ . #*. Providing 1 No Keyman, Fitter / Plumber & 1 No. Unskilled Labour for Checking the Recycle Line, Operating Sluice Valves, Air Valve and Survey Work of Master Sewer & Master Swd in Sec – 1 to 57, Complete in All Respect and All Other Works ~ .
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value Rs. 12.84 Million approx. / 1.28 Crore approx.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 32332146
Closing Date 29 - Dec - 2018  |  426 Days ago View
Supply of Oks240-Copaslip-250 Gm-Upto 110 Es6031d-2700556000, Oks 200 Molykote-250 Gm Upto 450 Deg C Es6031d- 2700557000, Valve Guide Es6031d-2702322000, O Ring-Exh. Valve Guide-60 C7,Id 18x2.5 Es6031d-2702325000, Washer Copper Es6031d-5050819000, Washer Copper Es6031d-5050835000, Copper Washer(60x68) Es6031d-5050851000, Schnor Washer Es6031d-5052710000, Inlet Valve Es6031d-7007587000, Ring Ms 29513/126,60c7,Nse 6.531 Es6031d-7204010000, Thermistor Protection Relay, Aux. Voltage 415v Es6031d-7290310000, O Ring For Inspection Door- L=1300 Mm Long Es6031d- 7435715000, O'ring D=8,21a7,L 12cm Es6031d-7446602000, Mcb,5sx4 Type, 10ka, 2p, Current 10a,Type C, Siemens, 5sx421079 Es6031d-E302702045, Engine Speed Indicator (0-1250 Rpm)96x96 Es6031d- 8191116001, Needle Roller Bearing Es6031d-7935019000, Displaying And Protection Module Es6031d-7690427000, O Ring Es6031d-7900109000, Bush Es6031d-7900111000, Compression Ring Es6031d-7902401000, Inlet Valve Seat Es6031d-7902903000, Exhaust Valve Seat Es6031d-7902906000, Cylinder Head Gasket Es6031d-7902932000, Spring Es6031d-7903108000, Outside Spring Es6031d-7903109000, Half Clamping Collar Es6031d-7903186000, Screw With Pad Es6031d-7903328000, Sealing Product Glue 1005l Es6031d-7903476000, Screw With Pad Es6031d-7903480000, Nitrile Cord D7 1123l Es6031d-7903626000, Copper Washer 8x22x1.5 Es6031d-7903805000, Piston Ring Es6031d-7904006000, O Ring, Ms 29-513/226,2147,Nse 6.531 Es6031d-7904010000, Injector Tappet Es6031d-7904104000, Spring Es6031d-7904105000, Ring D164 3.5d Nse 6.531 60c7 Es6031d-7904115000, Bs Ring Es6031d-7904117000, Injector Gasket Es6031d-7904118000, Bush Viton Es6031d-7904119000, O-Ring D135 3d Nse6,531 60c7 Es6031d-7904121000, Connection Es6031d-7904222000, O Ring Es6031d-7904314000, Fuel Pump Filter Es6031d-7904625000, O Ring Es6031d-7904628000, Metafarm Bush Bp25-16/20x20 Es6031d-7904808000, Ring (Oil Seal) Es6031d-7904810000, Ball Bearing Skf6307 Es6031d-7904911000, O Ring No An58 Nse6.5 21a7 Es6031d-7904924000, Gasket Es6031d-7907702000, Gasket For Exh Es6031d-7907804000, Clamping Collar Es6031d-7907949000, Gasket Es6031d-7908705000, Paper Insert Es6031d-7915253000, O Ring 1d 111x3.5 Nitrile Es6031d-7915294000, Viton Oil Seal (15x30x10) Es6031d-7916150000, O Ring Es6031d-7916151000, O Ring An21 Nse 6.5 60c7 Es6031d-7916152000, Indiactor Cock Assembly Es6031d-7923850000, Ball Bearing Es6031d-7935015000, Scrapper Ring Es6031d-8019215000, Push Button (Alarm Test)Yellow Colour Es6031d- 8191256000, Diode Module Es6031d-8191258000, Indication Lamp (Red) Es6031d-8191260000, Indication Lamp (Yellow) Es6031d-8191259000, Engine Speed Indicator 0-1250m Rpm 144x144 Es6031d- 8191112001, Shft Speed Ndicator 0-1000 Rpm 1240 144x144 Es6031d- 8191112002, O Ring 1d 158.5x2.5 Nitrile Es6031d-7915250000, Washer Es6031d-7935031000, Proximity Sensor Es6031d-8102702000, Magnetic Sensor Es6031d-8104408000, Distributor Iso Pneumatic/Pneumatic Es6031d- 8191113000, Mmi Graphic Terminal (10.4 Inch Tft Colour Monitor) Es6031d-8191205000, Inst.Relay 4 C/O Contacts + Socket 24 Vdc Coil With Ba Es6031d-Ex03300103, Pressure Transmitter Danfoss Mbs 5100 0-10 Bar Es6031d-8191511000, Pressure Gauge Forbes Marsh Ss316 0-10 Bar Glyf Fil ~ .
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value Rs. 2.05 Million approx. / 20.59 Lakh approx.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 32332016
Closing Date 29 - Dec - 2018  |  426 Days ago View
Supply of 23 Items of Ko Group-c021 - Mcb, 5sx4 Type, 10ka, 2p, Current 4a, Type C, Siemens, 5sx420479 Es6031d-E303502045, Cfl Lamp, With Fitting, Philips, 9 Watt, 230 V Ac Es6031d- 8191278000, Ring (Oil Seal) Es6031d-7904810000, Oks240-Copaslip-250 Gm-Upto 110 Es6031d-2700556000, Hooter (Electronic) Es6031d-7690189000, `O' Ring No An58 Nse6.5 21a7 Es6031d-7904924000, Gasket Es6031d-7914804000, Cock Es6031d-8191167000, Flashing Light Es6031d-8191172000, Diode Module Es6031d-8191176000, Distributor Es6031d-8191188000, Fip Trunk Cable (100 Meter) Es6031d-8191213000, Injector Tappet Es6031d-7904104000, Sealing Product Glue 1005l Es6031d-7903476000, Selector Switch 3 Positions Momentary Selector Actuator Es6031d-E304805045, Pressure Transmitter 40 Bar 24v Dc Es6031d-Ex02400103, Viton Oil Seal(15x30x10) Es6031d-7916150000, O Ring Es6031d-7916151000, Indicator Cock Assembly Es6031d-7923850000, Pressure Gauge Forbes Marsh 100ss, Ss316 0-4 Bar Glyf Fil Es6031d-8191413000, Pressure Gauge Forbes Marsh Ss316 0-40 Bar Glyf Fil Es6031d-8191416000, Spring Es6031d-7903108000, Metafarm Bush Bp25-16/20x20 Es6031d-7904808000 ~ .
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value Rs. 39.40 Million / 3.94 Crore
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 32910499
Closing Date 28 - Dec - 2018  |  427 Days ago View
Construction of Boosting Station ~ Gwal Pahari, Gurugram, Construction of 1 No. Ugt of 4000kl Capacity, Sump, Pump House, Boundary Wall, Watch Tower & Entry-exit Gate-office, Lab, Chlorination Room and Store at Boosting Station Gwal Pahari, Gurugram and All Other Works Contingent Thereto ~ . #*. Operation and Maintenance of Water Supply, Gmda, Running and Operation with Watch and Ward of Filtration Unit No.i, Ii & Iii (60 Mgd) Raw Waer Pump House No. I, Ii & Iii and Clear Water Pump House No. I, Ii Running of Laboratory, Filling of Water Tanker ~ Etc, at Water Treatment Plant Basai, Gurugram. #*. Operation and Maintenance of Water Supply Including Energy Charges, Labour and Contractual Labour Etc. Looping of Water Supply Distribution Network of Zone-iii and Replacement of 600mm I/d Line in Zone-ii Including Providing and Fixing Ci Specials, Sluice Valves, Air Valves ~ Etc. in Various Sectors in Grugram and All Other Works Contingent Thereto.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value Rs. 8.21 Lakh approx.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 32675424
Closing Date 27 - Dec - 2018  |  428 Days ago View
Supply of 16 Items of Ab Group-c001-Joint Ring Ea3070b-372-301-03, Suction Shut Off Valve Complete Ea3070b- 361313-02-Suction, Discharge Shut Off Valve Complete Ea3070b-361313-02-Discharge, Vibration Eliminator Size 2 1/8 Ea3070b- Vaf82, Sw Pump-Collar Ring Ea3070b-1110, Shaft Seal Ea3070b-37401504, Y' Stainer Ea3070b-109, Sw Pump - Mechanical Seal Ea3070b-310, Impeller Type Fzab-090 (F/S-160l) Ea3070b- Drg-Ks-2970006/E-17, Electronic Timer 0-60sec With 220v 50z Opertaing Coil Ea3070b-Pla-D4, Set Of Gaskets Ea3070b-372829-01, Plastic Tool Bag Ea3070b-Rr150-8710, Loading Solenoid 3way Ea3070b-Ss-304, Fuse 3a Ea3070b-059-0111, Condenser Inlet (Sea Water Bellow) Ea3070b-207, Wp Cut Out (Ips-70) Danfoss Ea3070b-Ks- 3930014-208 ~ .
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value Rs. 3.12 Lakh approx.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 32675104
Closing Date 22 - Dec - 2018  |  433 Days ago View
Supply of 10 Items of El Group-c004 - Shim Water Jacket Iii Stage Cylinder 0.50 Ee9935v-00045376d, Bush Dist Oil Seal Ee9935v-000453400, V-Belt C98 Ee8884v-000905471, A 75 V Belt Ee8884v-000905175, Shim Iii Stage Cyl To Cyl Head 0.08 Ee9935v-000453840, Resisto Flex Shock Mounting Ee9935v- 000474480, Gasket End Cover 0.2 Ee9935v- 000453360, Inlet Vv Assy Ee9935v-A310006, Gasket End Cover 0.5 Ee9935v- 00045336b, Ring Pkg 1 0.5x16.5x2.5 Ss02/03 Ee9935v- 000521940 ~ .
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value Rs. 1.42 Million approx. / 14.27 Lakh approx.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 32675122
Closing Date 22 - Dec - 2018  |  433 Days ago View
Supply of 83 Items of Kc Group-c013 - Gasket Water Pump Blockek3000b-9097, Seal,O Ringek3000b-102030, Shaft,Fuel Pump Driveek3000b-100192, Plug Zinc Electrodeek3000b-68241, Gasket Bypass Valveek3000b-66258, Gasket Cover To Elementek3000b-137067, Thermostatek3000b-135675, Lock Plateek3000b-136698, Lock Plateek3000b-127677, Retainer Cooler & Ringek3000b-110827, Kit Linerek3000b-Bm98224, Hose Flexibleek3000b-Ak10060ss, Hose Flexibleek3000b-Ak10030ss, Gasket Breather Coverek3000b-125019, Seal O Ringek3000b-137075, Clamp Hoseek3000b-199178, Gasket Flangeek3000b-3227395, Turbo Repair Kitek3000b-3545399, Clamp Hoseek3000b-43828-D, Washer Lockek3000b-S-605, Screw,Hexagon Head Capek3000b-500617, Gasket Exhaust Connek3000b-3227719, Cock Drainek3000b-S-962-E, Gasket,Filter Headek3000b-3225339, Gasket Adapterek3000b-63520, Gasket,Governor Housingek3000b-102992, Seal,Keywayek3000b-3008947, Dipstickek3000b-103507, Cap Filler Tubeek3000b-107981, Seal O Ringek3000b-3010157, Rod Pushek3000b-3046418, Plug Expansionek3000b-175830, Spring Valve Guideek3000b-3235611, Seal,O Ringek3000b-67270, Bushingek3000b-132770, Ring Thrustek3000b-9235-1, Lock Plateek3000b-127678, Ring Rubberek3000b-70549, Washer Lockek3000b-S-608, Plug,Pipeek3000b-67622, Bushingek3000b-100670, Plate Lockek3000b-3009213, Pump Waterek3000b-3166497, Kit Piston & Ringek3000b-4105239, Motor,Startingek3000b-503299, Pulley,Sea Water Pumpek3000b-3876140, Cleaner, Airek3000b-4055571, Manifold,Exhaustek3000b-3872476, Housing (Thermostat)Ek3000b-146097, Injectorek3000b-3239804, Pump,Gear Fuelek3000b-3034243, Switch,Push Buttonek3000b-504395, Gauge,Pressureek3000b-500109, Gauge Temperatureek3000b-500108r, Switch,Keyek3000b-504975, Switch Toggleek3000b-500278, Head Cylinderek3000b-3167511, Connection, Fuel Drainek3000b-Bm30075, Connection,Fuel Inletek3000b-Bm30073, Double Drive Adaptorek3000b-3247372, Valve Solenoidek3000b-3239599, Manifold Fuel Drainek3000b-Bm31780, Manifold Fuelek3000b-Bm30265, Hose Flexibleek3000b-Ak4030ms, Hose Flexibleek3000b-Ak4046ss, Hose,Flexibleek3000b-Ak6050ss, Bearing Ballek3000b-S16073, Seal, Oilek3000b-106339, Hose Flexibleek3000b-Ak4014ss, Clamp Hoseek3000b-43828e, Hose Plainek3000b-64030, Clamp Hoseek3000b-43828-A, Gasket Exchange Outlet Connectionek3000b-137076, Seal,O Ringek3000b-137074, Hose Reducingek3000b-3227592, Hose,Plainek3000b-169546, Hose Flexibleek3000b-Ak6054st, Hose Plainek3000b-63495, O Ringek3000b-3019116, Kit Super Bypass Filter Elementek3000b-Kit3879488, Hose Flexibleek3000b-Ak6065ss, Hose Flexibleek3000b-Ak6045ss, L.O.Filter Std 3166554 & 3167ek3000b-Kit3238204 ~ .
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value Rs. 4.87 Million approx. / 48.72 Lakh approx.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 32248221
Closing Date 19 - Dec - 2018  |  436 Days ago View
Supply of Seal, L=1.21 Mtr, Copper Washer 8x22x1.5, Snap Ring, Clamping Collar, O Ring 1d 158.5x2.5 Nitrile, Gasket, O Ring An21 Nse 6.5 60c7, Cover, Inst.relay 4 C/o, Contacts+socket,24 Vdc Co, Iso-distributor Valve, Glass Fuse 4a, Size 5x20, Slow, Blow, Set Of1, Icm Safety Card (icm1,icm2),, Safeties Circuit, Joint for Adaptor, Set Bolt M8x1.25x105-8.8, Cross Pipe, Circlip External - 45 Mm, Copper Washer(30x36), Hex Headed Screw, O Ring for Inspection Door -, L=1300 Mm Long, Power Contactor 16a, Sealing Ring, Gasket, Gasket, Bush, Snep Self Locking Nut, M12(dsnx0210a), Spring, Washer, Spring, Pressure Transmitter 0-4 Bar, 24vdc O/p-4-20 Ma, Pressure Reducer 30/7 Bar, Filter Pad Set (fx4000), Washer Tab, Ring Sealing, Pump Sea Water, Washer Spring, Distributor=electro, Pneumatic, Spring Return, Charger Control Pcb, Temperature Sensor, Assembly, Clamping Collar, Fuel Filter Element Purflex, Ref C131, Green Push Button (safety, Reset) Illuminated, O Ring - D40.64, T5.33, 20a8, O Ring, Gasket, O Ring, O Ring for Particle Detecing, Filter, Pressure Transmitter with, Base, Distributor, Copper Washer (18x22), Bolt Banjo, O-ring No18nse6.5,60c7, Loctite 242, Starting Air Valve Assly ~ .
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value Rs. 2.99 Million approx. / 29.94 Lakh approx.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 32201189
Closing Date 19 - Dec - 2018  |  436 Days ago View
Supply of Flexible Hose, Fuel Filter Element, Shim, Gasket for Glacier Filter Gf600-11, Gasket, Fuse Cartridge 20a, Piston Ring - Compression-g2-chrome, Ceramique, Relay, Roller Bearing Nj 218, Sealing Plug, Safety Valve Assembly, Acm Safety Stop Actuator Card, Two Position Illuminated On/off Red Colour, Stop Push Button (red Colour) Illuminated, Over Load Relay, Pneumatic Socket for Distributor, Thermistor Protection Relay, Aux. Voltage 415v, Filter, Over Load Relay, Oil Seal, Washer, Joint for Oil Seal Housing, Joint, Oks 200 Molykote-250 Gm Upto 450 Deg C, Set Screw-m16x2x40-8.8, Gasket Ring, Serrated Bush, Screw 6x6x6, Joint 65x65x2mm, Joint, Gasket, Fuse Cartridge 6a-gl 10x38, Piston Ring - Top - Chrome, Ceramique, Gasket, O Ring - Ms29513/230,60c7, Fuse 10x38 2a Gg, Solenoid Valve, O Ring, Spherical Washer, Injector Gasket, `o' Ring An No71,nse6.5 60c7, Flexible Hose Fuel Feed Pump, Fip Line Connector, Push Button (alarm Test) Yellow Colour, Pressure Switch 0.6 Bar to 4 Bar Danfoss Mbs 5100/5150,, 061, Pressure Switch 5-20 Bar Danfoss Mbs 5100/5150, 061 B, 3002, Transmitter Receiver Norm Type, Analog Indicator, 72x72, 0-bar, I/p4-20ma, Pressure Transmitter, Range 0-6bar, Red Head for Push Button, Or Module, Nut M8 (brass), Bush for Support, Deflector, Cap Assy, Tube, Joint 0.8mm Thick ~ .
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value Rs. 19.68 Million / 1.96 Crore approx.
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 32613814
Closing Date 19 - Dec - 2018  |  436 Days ago View
Operation and Maintenance of water supply including energy charges, labour and contractual labour ~ etc. #*. Looping of of water supply distribution network of Zone-III and replacement of 600mm i/d line in Zone-II including providing and fixing CI specials, sluice valves, air valves, ~ etc. in various sectors in Gurugram and all other works contingent thereto.
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